Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Messages from January 26

In the morning service, we continued looking at Jesus through the eyes of the Old Testament prophet named Isaiah. In chapter 11, we see Jesus as our example of peace, and our source of peace.

In the section of the sermon where I am talking about social justice, I reference a picture I saw on Facebook. This is that picture:

This is the message from Isaiah 11:

The evening message was the next in a series about the well-loved parable of Jesus in Luke 15. We call it the parable of the prodigal son, but it's really about 2 sons, and the problem both of them had was that they were trying to be their father's servants, instead of his sons.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Announcements for January

Messages from January 12 and 19

A technical issue with the computer prevented me from posting the first message in this series last week, so I'll put these 2 messages in the same post.

In this introduction to the sermon series "Seeing Jesus through Isaiah's Eyes", we look at Isaiah's message to the nation of Israel, calling them to repent and to obey. What does this mean for us who are living under the New Covenant, under the grace of Jesus? What does repentance mean for believers?

In the 2nd message in the Isaiah series, we look at a contrast of God's servants: the unfaithful nation of Israel, and the new Israel, the faithful Jesus. What difference does this make for believers who have Jesus living inside them?

Sunday PM Message from January 12

I started a message series on Sunday evenings from Jesus' parable in Luke 15. Some people call it the parable of the prodigal son or the lost son, but the story is about a lot more than the younger son. In this introduction to the series, I focused on the attitude of the older brother, and wondered if we "churchy" people are like him at all.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Announcements for January

Message from January 5, 2014

This time of the year, people love to try to turn over new leaves and make fresh starts, by making New Year's Resolutions. Rather than trying to make promises, this message explores several of God's promises to us. This encouraging message emphasizes what Christ has done for us, rather than what we try to do for Him.

All Four Christmas Messages

At long last, you can find all four Christmas messages in the series "Beating the Christmas Blues." The series is an honest look at the combination of joy mixed with sorrow, based on several characters in the narrative of Jesus' birth, and is good to know any time of the year, not just during December.

December 1 - The Shepherds' Sign

December 8 - Mary's Sword

December 22 - Joseph's Shame

December 29 - Bethlehem's Sorrow